Health and Safety

The health and safety of our staff and the occupants and users of the buildings we work in, has always been of primary importance to our company and we have an excellent H&S record. 



In over 30 years of continuous contracting we have not experienced a single lost time or reportable accident.

This achievement is attributable to several factors: 


- A genuine and wholehearted commitment from the company owners and directors to making sure that health and safety is the foremost consideration in all that we do (we believe that working safely is an integral and essential part of providing our clients with the highest possible levels of workmanship and customer service).


- Our team of loyal, hardworking and conscientious staff, many of who have been employed by our company for over 15 years, have a detailed knowledge of our business and share our aim of putting safety first.


- The support of a retained, professional and fully-qualified, health, safety and enviromental consultant, Mr John Ballard of Haze & Safety Limited. Mr Ballard has developed a full package of H&S policies, procedures and systems for our company to ensure compliance with legal requirements and adherence to good industry practice. Additionally, he has been invaluable in providing ongoing training, support, guidance and advice on various other H&S and enviromental matters.