Large Residential Properties

Are you the owner of a large residential property, such as a very large private home with a plant room, or a care home?

If you are, you are probably fed-up with calling out 'domestic' heating gas and plumbing engineers and finding that properly servicing or repairing your equipment is beyond their capabilities.


The reason for this, is that large residential properties often have 'commercial' heating and plumbing services and the skills, knowledge and experinces of a commercial heating or plumbing engineer are required to take care of them (rather than those 'domestic' engineer who is more familiar with much smaller and less complex equipment that is fitted in normal everyday houses).


Commercial work also requires different types of tools and calibrated, specialist test equipment.


Most importantly, these are also several specific legal requirements that govern commercial work and the engineers that work on such equipment must have undertaken specific training, attained specialist qualifications and must work for a business that holds specific accreditations for such work.


Our company is fully experienced in looking after commercial heating and plumbing equipment. We are fully commercially registered and accredited. Our engineers are all fully qualified. We are insured for commercial work and we have been in continual business looking after commercial equipment for over 30 years.


Rely on us to ensure that your systems are properly maintained in full compliance with all relevant legislations.