Installation Projects

A full commercial heating, gas, plumbing and pipe work installation service is provided by Thameside Mechanical Services and we carry out complete new heating and plumbing installations, plant room installations, boiler replacements, system upgrades/modifications and component replacements.


All work is carried out by directly employed, fully qualified, expert craftsman engineers who are supported by a knowledgeable management team who have many years experience of designing and installing commercial systems. 


We have a proven track record over many years of completing installations on-time and within budget.

Equipment installed includes: 

  • All types of boilers, water heaters, flues, pumps, calorifiers, plate heat exchangers, unvented units, pressurisation units, valves, thermal insulation, associated electrical and controls systems.

  • All variants of pipework distribution systems including copper, threaded steel, 'pressfit' copper or low carbon steel, plastic, fusion-welded, etc.

  • Complete commercial plumbing services including hot and cold water storage and distribution, waste, soil and above ground drainage, Doc 'M' equipment, water saving devices, thermostatic anti-scalding controls.

  • Complete plant room and boiler room installations (we offer a responsive quick turn around installation service for plant room re-fits). 

  • Complete commercial gas installations including all types of gas pipework (including 'pipe-in-pipe), emergency gas solenoid valves, secondary meters, valves, fully certificated testing and purging.